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Project Black Binder is a real-time multiplayer game which allows you to take the role of a contractor in a future on the brink of devastation.

Weapon Showcase #1

Black Binder features an immersive, feature-rich and gameplay adaptive weapons system to enhance your gameplay experience. Choose weapons that fit your style and select a multitude of them to enhance the experience.

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Project Black Binder is still under development and new information is posted frequently.

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Project Black Binder highlights real-time multiplayer gameplay with you taking on the role of a contractor in a future on the brink of devastation.

Easily find something that fits your playstyle with features like:

  • Four playable species
  • Six playable classes
  • Both melee and firearm based combat
  • A scientific approach to magic
  • Customizable attributes and talents
  • Randomly generated equipment
  • Component-based crafting



Advances in technology, namely genetics, off-world mining, nuclear fission, and uranium extraction, primed earth for prosperity. Genetic modification allowed enhanced cognitive capabilities and the creation of new species. Lunar and Marian extraction supplied the raw materials for industry. Fission recyclers promised power for centuries to come. Seawater extraction of uranium powered spacecraft and terrestrial power generation. Humanity was at the precipice of perfection. 

With this prosperity, various corporations amassed enough wealth and power to declare themselves independent of any government and form corporate states. During the turmoil caused by the corporations’ power struggle, an internecine device was deployed crippling technology as well as disrupting individuals’ central nervous system. While re-establishing order a new threat was encountered: a hostile, monstrously over-sized, insect-like species.

The entire world seems a frontier. Great walled cities housing millions glow and bustle with life, while just beyond their walls patrols keep terrors at bay. These cities sprung forth from the ruins of the megacities of old, the last remnants of an age full of very different dangers. The corporate-based governing structures of these cities keep tight control in their borders, regulating many aspects of life in the name of security.  With the lack of a dedicated workforce, corporations have become reliant on delegating various tasks to contractors. You are one such contractor. 


When does Project Black Binder launch?

Our current roadmap has a Kickstarter planned with a playable demo in 2021. 

The final release date will vary dependent on the success of fundraising.

What is Project Black Binder’s style of gameplay?

Project Black Binder is an action role-playing game with a 3D isometric camera angle.

Currently, character movement is controlled with WASD and interaction via the mouse. 

What platform(s) will Project Black Binder support?

Our primary focus is on the PC platform.

We intend on including controller support, which will assist with any console support we may pursue in the future.

Will Project Black Binder be multiplayer?

Project Black Binder has been designed from the ground up for a multiplayer experience.

You can play cooperatively in a party size of up to 6 contractors.

Player vs player content is also being competitively designed and precisely balance with modes ranging from 1v1 to 6v6.

Large scale content will allow up to 24 players per instance.

What items are available in Project Black Binder?

A myriad of weapons, armor, and consumable items are available in Project Black Binder.

You will not be restricted to specific item types; if you find it you can equip it. 

Through our crafting system, you can customize every item. With an average of 400 million component configurations per item and a total item count just shy of 1,000, there are over 400 billion different items available.

Is there a storyline to Project Black Binder?

Project Black Binder has a voluntary series of content that will guide you through 4 regions of the future-altered landscape across the globe.

Learn of the events that preceded the current global situation.

Discover the origin of the hostile new species.

Explore various conflicts both inside and outside of the walled cities.


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