It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally arrived at the point where I can start addressing you all. My name is Kenny and I’ve been developing for Project Black Binder since early 2019. Since then, we’ve seen the project go through many different phases of development from prototype to where we are now. As the development continues on the game, I’d like to make these kinds of posts to let you fine folks know what kind of progress is being made.

The game is being made in Unreal Engine. As newer versions of the engine are released, we do our best to upgrade so that the team is able to take advantage of all of the new and improved features and incorporate them into the project. Recently, we upgraded to utilize version 4.25. This version features a plethora of fixes and new features for our team to leverage moving forward.

Over the last several sprints, we have worked on implementing a wide variety of features as we continue to labor towards a Q4 demo release. We are very proud of what we have so far, but there is still a very long road ahead of us.

We have recently implemented the screens necessary for login, registration, character creation, and character selection, and have it all hooked up and firing on both the client and the backend. We also have the UI and code hooked up to run the settings menu. There has been some work done on a city map interface as well for getting around the first city, and hopefully, we’ll be able to show off some of that soon as well.

Other parts of the team continue to work diligently on their assignments. The player models for our various races, weapon assets, visual effects, soundtrack, sound effects, and levels are all coming along.

I am very proud to be working with so many talented individuals on such an amazing project. Whenever Kris pitched the idea to me early last year, I was every bit as excited to make it a reality then as I am now. And now, as we begin to release artwork and footage of our endeavors you can begin to get excited as well!

-Kenny W.